Inner Connections

A Pathway to Your New Work will help you discover and shape the work that is calling to you.

“Putting It Together: A Pathway to Your New Work” is a brand of services for individuals who are in a work transition and need to create or search for the work they are meant to take on at this time in their lives.  The mission is to provide them with an experience rich with new insights into the value they bring to others through their work and to gain a greater sense of self that enables them to open up to see more possibilities for their future work.

Putting It Together is offered in both group and individual settings.  The group setting is a four-week workshop series that provides tools and exercises for exploring, discovering, and claiming your new work. The individual setting is one-on-one career coaching sessions.  Both services are designed to help participants collect and examine the unique pieces of their work experiences and preferences and to decide which pieces they will use for crafting their future work.

The Workshop

If you are looking for wisdom and insight from others to help you see what you haven’t seen in yourself and your work, then sign up for the workshop series where you will easily and quickly have the support, encouragement, and guidance from others to put you on a focused path in no time.  You will also be contributing to others’ discoveries and decisions about their future work.  The four-week workshop series is held on a Zoom platform and facilitated by work transitions coach, Paula Moscinski. Space is limited to eight participants per workshop series for maximum support to each participant.

To register for a workshop, contact Paula Moscinski at or call 847.508.6702

Career Coaching

If you know the work you want to do and need help with gathering information for your resume, Linked-In profile, and subsequent interviews then consider the individual coaching option.  This resource puts you in continuous action toward landing the job you want and with an organization, you want to work for.  Get started by scheduling your 25-minute free consultation with career transitions coach, Paula Moscinski to clarify and create the pieces for your job search which become your coaching agenda.

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